Huge thank to you everyone that made it out! Here are the results of the 3rd Annual Idaho Backcountry Veterans Kokanee Tournament.

1st-Kokanee Reaper/John Grim 16.47lbs

2nd-Patrick & Son Hookers/Richard Patrick 15.5lbs

3rd-Slayer/Rob Hahn 13.06lbs

4th-Capps/Kody Capp 12.48lbs

5th-Skull and Tackle/John Jedlick 9.83lbs

6th-Tightline Retreat/Jim Statts 8.68lbs

7th-The Legend/Matt Mckee 7.62lbs

8th-Kokanuts/Mike Grooms 7.10lbs

9th-Blue Finn/Don Milbourn 6.56lbs

10th-Pirates/Neil Fowler 6.21lbs

11th-Mac #1/Dave McFarlane 5.92lbs(also longest fish at 22.25″!)

12th-208 Koke Heads/Nate Griffin 5.66lbs

13th-Sea Ark/(could not locate sign up sheet with captains name)5.32lbs

14th- Chelan Kokanee Junkies/Shawn Nickles 5.08lbs

15th-The Dirty Oar/Eric Rhoads 5.01lbs

16th-Super Sport 2/Bill Sherard 4.77lbs

17th-Tender Hands/Lorenzo Lorenzo D. Garcia 3.50lbs

18th-Koke Heads/Jason Bargabos 3.26lbs

19th-Team Taco/Keith Johnston 2.61lbs

20th-The Sweet Boys/Jerry Dudley 2.55lbs

21st-Tooned Up/Bob Hargrove 2.54lbs

22nd-12 Jennys/Vance McFarland 2.21lbs

23rd-M&M Adventures/Martin Monsey 2.06lbs

24th-Kokanee Kartel/Lucas Garcia 1.79lbs

25th-Spano/Tony Spano 1.52lbs