Kevin McFarland - Founder & President

Grew up in Melba, ID hunting and fishing with my grandpa. Joined the National Guard in 2003 then deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq in 2005 and Baghdad, Iraq in 2010. I want to help other veterans overcome and deal with the burdens of PTSD the best way I know how, in the outdoors.

Brandon Nau

Brydon Nau - Founder & Vice President

37 idaho native. 8 years Army National Guard with 1 deployment. I've hunted and fished for 20+ years and I'm honored to help my fellow Veterans experience the outdoors.

Daniel Figini - Secretary

Bio- Active duty Army for 8 years as a Scout, relocated to Idaho once I got out in 2016. I like to spend every chance I get enjoying God's country, whether it's hunting, fishing, or shooting. I find spending time in the outdoors to be therapeutic, and having the opportunity to help other veterans get out and have these experiences and make memories is becoming a passion of mine. I am looking forward to creating friendships and meeting fellow brothers and sisters in arms through this organization.

Ramiro Flores Jr. - Treasurer

I’m SFC Flores. I served on active duty for 20 years. Most of my time I served as a Ranger and Sniper. I have been deployed multiple times to Afghanistan and Iraq. On my off time I enjoy the outdoors. I believe it truly helps to put your mind at ease. I want to continue to serve by helping our Veterans get out in the wilderness.

Lorenzo Garcia

Lorenzo Garcia- ProStaff

I'm an ARMY VET OF 8 YRS.  I'm an avid lazy bank Fishermen, when I hunt for big game I mostly just hike. The outdoors is my passion.  I'm happy to continue to serve for the purpose of trying to get veterans interested in the outdoors, for relief and to enjoy God's gift to us.

Grayson Burnell - Pro Staff

Born in IF Idaho, in 1991 joined the national guard in 2009 deployed in 2010 to Kirkuk Iraq. Enjoys shooting, hunting, and long walks on the beach.

Chris Boesiger

Chris Boesiger-- Pro Staff

 I absolutely thrive on the outdoors. I hunt, fly fish and trap. I'm also the co-owner of a wildlife control business.  I served in the Army from 1998-2006. When I got out I experienced severe depression and suffered from PTSD. I have found that getting in the outdoors helps lower the anxiety. I want to help other veterans that have similar issues find peace and the great doors can do that.

Scott Titus - Volunteer

Grew up in Melba, Idaho.  I spend my free time hunting and fishing which is what lead me to start helping out as much as I could with IBV, to be someone to help find locations for get togethers, and also to be there for anyone to talk too and open up too!


Alfredon Arreguin Jr. - Prostaff

Grew up in Nampa, ID.  Served in the US Army, Utah National Guard, and spent a couple years as a US Contractor overseas in Afghanistan.  I love everything outdoors.  Hunting, fishing, and hiking are my favorite things to do. It would be awesome to be able to share some experience and make some memories with other veterans.

Next Steps...

Want to contribute to what we do at IBV? We accept all major credit cards via charitable PayPal account and are always looking for new adventures, so if you are an outfitter, travel agent etc that can donate time to creating the environments where our vets heal, please reach out.